Software Factory

We create what you need

Softgasa has a department of Software Factory composed of professionals with extensive experience in carrying out projects as they solve the specific needs of each company, using the most innovative technologies in the market.

During our 25 year history we have treasured a great know-how that allows us to undertake guarantees everything you can demand us in the field of enterprise software.

Types of Solutions:
  • Commercial Management
  • Production
  • Field data entry
  • Logistic and traking
  • Warehouse management with Wifi y Bach devices
  • Solutions on PDA
  • Integration with industrial scales
  • Intranets y Extranets
  • Etc.
Platforms and Technologies used:
  • Windows Server, Windows CE, Windows Mobile
  • AS/400, iSeries
  • .Net
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic
  • Delphi