Trading Platform in the Cloud

Xistral allows to manage in the cloud, integrated with your ERP, all the work of its sales force to support using any mobile device.

  • Multidevice; Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, PC,...
  • Multiplatform; Windows, Android, iOS,...
  • Integration with any ERP through web services
  • Types of users based on their role
    • Manager
    • Salesman
    • Customer



  • Customer
    • Creation of temporaly customers
    • Browse Orders and other marketing documents (AWB, Returns, Orders)
    • Browse customer debt
    • Last sales
    • B2B Access
  • Products
    • Images and attachments for product
    • Product categories
    • Stock unit or sales unit
    • Batches
    • Sizes and colors
    • Packs
    • Brands
    • Stock available
  • Orders
    • Add orders
    • Browse last prices when entering the order
    • Price lists, prices by customer, discounts by type of customer...
    • Order types
    • Internal and external remarks
    • Stock availability warnings
    • List of favourites products
    • Send order by email to the customer
  • General
    • Sales evelution graph (Monthly or yearly) by Company, customer or salesman
    • Sales forecast (Company, brand, salesman, customer and/or product)
    • Order and delivery analysis dashboard
    • Collect management
    • Risk management
    • Reports and Statistics
  • CRM
    • Management of Commercial Activities
    • Calendar of Activities
    • Control of Expenditures by Activity
    • Reports and Statistics