The ERP / CRM solution affordable for SMEs by the industry leader



For small and medium businesses that require a general business functionality, SAP Business One is a simple but powerful solution that meets the needs of automation of accounting, reporting, logistics and sales team. The main benefits include:

Rapid deployment: easy to deploy and maintain, SAP Business One is based on open standards that not only support simple integration with other systems, but also learning faster and easier for users.

Affordable cost with a price within reach of small businesses, SAP Business One offers a wide array of functionality, information processing, creating new value with a reasonable level of investment.

Increased productivity and cost control: the simple interface helps employees to learn to use the system quickly, supporting rapid improvements in costs and productivity. The functionality "Drag and Relate" (Drag & Relate) allows users to link, on the desktop, information from disparate data stores, simplifying and improving the use of the applications.

Decision making smart business: SAP Business One allows managers to obtain, quickly and effectively, strategic information from anywhere in the enterprise, providing full control of the information and activities of the company.

Robust scalability: the flexible and powerful technology enables small and medium businesses grow, change and adapt your SAP Business One with the passage of time. The SSP SAP Business One channel partners are distributing this solution providing comprehensive services of software, hardware, implementation and support.


Easy to use

  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Microsoft Windows environment and integration with Microsoft Office.
  • Simple customization tools.

Easy to implement and maintain

  • Fast implementation and customization without problems.
  • Robust functionality and safety class.
  • Simple evolution to broader or sophisticated solutions.

Increased sales and profitability

  • Functionality and sales opportunity management (CRM).
  • Features for monitoring sales performance.
  • Tools for tracking purchases.

Reduced administrative costs

  • Data entry optimization.
  • Automating tasks.
  • Reducing paper supporting communications.

ncreased understanding and corporate control

  • Extensive functionality in reporting due to its integration with Crystal Reports.
  • Easy access to data.
  • Multiple analytical tools.
  • Greater control and monitoring.